LRCH01-100 Laser Methane sensing Module

LRCH01-100 Laser Methane sensing Module

  • Ultra low power consumption;
  • Fast in response, high accuracy in measurement;
  • Only selective to methane, anti-interference of other gases, moisture and ashes;
  • 3V power supply, TTL serial port, can be easily integrated.

The laser gas sensor module is designed for other gas sensor makers to integrate their own brand laser methane sensor, or any customers to integrate into their system. The module is designed with all the functions of Actech`s fixed point laser methane detector except display and alarm.

Target gas Methane
Sensing method Gas diffusion
Sensing type Laser type
Detection range 0~100% VOL
Detection accuracy 0.01~1.00%      ±0.06%
1.00~100%      Truth value 6%
Response time 10s~15s
Signal output TTL
Working voltage 3.3V
Working current 50~100mA
Working temperature 0~40℃
Working humidity ≤98%
Working pressure 80~116kpa
Size φ35 X H56mm


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